Grooming Services


Groom Service Now Available

To schedule any of these services please see Alejandro


Full Groom Service Now Available $125.00/mo.

Includes the following:

Tack up/down Monday thru Saturday, show clipping, mane pull, soap bath once a week, Bran mash once a week, injections (medications additional), oral meds, wrapping, unwrapping, icing, wraps laundered, wound care, supplements fed, exclusive use of groom room, trunk out to driveway for shows and back to groom room.


Individual Groom Services

Tack up $10.00
Tack up and down with rinse $15.00
Full soap bath $10.00
Wrap $5.00
Wound Dressing $5.00 
Injection $5.00 plus medicine
Bran Mash $5.00
Laundry (Wraps) $5.00
Laundry (Blanket) $30.00
Unwrap $5.00
Feed Supplements/Meds $15.00/mo.
Pack & Load Trunk $5.00
Clean all tack $10.00
Ice Legs (4) 15 mins $5.00
Mane Pull $25.00
Show Clip $40.00
Body Clip $150.00