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Stacey Wakaki:
(310) 753-8836. 

Lori Deutch

Stacey began riding hunters at the age of 10 at Palos Verdes Stables training with Donna Naylor.  When she was 12, her aunt bought a horse and she began training in Dressage on both this horse as well as another horse owned by her trainer.  She began riding and showing competitively in Dressage and went on to win California Dressage Society and U.S. Equestrian Federation Western Regional Dressage Championships at Second and Third Levels.  She also won the American Horse Shows Association for the Dressage Overall Junior Rider with the Highest Year End Score in the nation.  

When Stacey was 14, she met and began training with Cindy Ishoy, a 5 time Olympic Team Member from Canada.  During her time attending college at U.C.L.A., she continued training several different horses alongside Cindy, gaining invaluable knowledge and experience.  This training partnership lasted for over 20 years.  

Stacey has also had the good fortune to broaden her knowledge through riding in clinics with several other international trainers as well such as Debbie McDonald (2003 U.S. World Cup Champion) and Charlotte Bredahl (1992 Olympic Team Bronze medalist).  

Currently she has students and horses in regular training on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, Including at Palos Verdes Riding Club.  She offers private lessons as well as Full and Half Training Programs.  For more information, email or call (310) 753-8836.